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Self-Timer Mode

The self-timer can be used to reduce camera shake or for self-portraits. To
use the self-timer:
Mount the camera on a tripod (recommended) or place the camera on a
stable, level sur face.
Press the
mand dial until
displayed in the control panel.
Frame the photograph and fo cus. If autofo-
cus is in effect, be sure not to block the lens
when activating the self-timer. In single-servo
autofocus (
tak en if the in-focus (●) indicator ap pears in
the viewfi nder.
Cover the Viewfi nder
To ensure correct ex po sure in modes other than M, cover the viewfi nder
eyepiece with your hand or with the supplied DK-5 eyepiece cap before
pressing the shutter-release button. This will pre vent light entering via
the viewfi nder from in ter fer ing with the autoexposure operation. The
DK-5 can be attached by removing the viewfi nder eyepiece cup and slid-
ing the DK-5 down to cover the viewfi nder eyepiece.
button and ro tate main com-
(self-tim er mode) is
139), pho to graphs can only be
Delaying Shutter Release


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