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Night portrait
Provides natural balance between main subject and back-
ground in portraits taken under low light. Lighting for por-
trait subject will seem natural even when fl ash is used.
• Tripod, self-timer (
107) can be used to prevent blurring at slow shutter speeds. At speeds
slower than 1 s, use noise reduction to reduce mottling (
• Use
mode for night shots that do not include portrait subject.
• Flash set to slow sync. Other modes can be selected (
Exposure Warning
If the limits of the exposure metering system are exceeded, one of the following in di -
ca tors will be dis played in the control panel and viewfi nder:
Subject too bright. Use optional Neutral Density (ND) fi lter.
Subject too dark. Raise sensitivity (ISO equiv a len cy;
Color Space
Photos taken in Digital Vari-Program modes are recorded in the sRGB color space (
Self-Timer and Remote Control Modes
The self-timer and remote control can be used to allow photographers to appear in
their own photographs or prevent blur caused by the camera moving when the shut-
ter-release button is pressed. At default settings, the self-timer delays shutter release
until about ten seconds after the shutter-release button is pressed. For details, see
"Taking Photographs: The Self-Timer" (
can be used to release the shutter remotely, either instantaneously or with a two-sec-
ond delay. See "Taking Photographs: Using the Remote Control" (
P, S, A, and M Modes
In addition to the settings available in
A, and M modes offer control over such settings as
shutter speed and aperture, white balance, image op-
timization, and exposure compensation. See "Taking
Photographs" (
105), and / or optional remote control
105). The optional ML-L3 remote control
mode, P, S,


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