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Adjusting Contrast: Tone Comp.
As photographs are saved to the memory card, they are processed to adjust
the distribution of tones in the image, en hanc ing con trast. Tone com pen -
sa tion is performed by means of tone curves that defi ne the relationship
be tween the dis tri bu tion of tones in the original image and the compensated
result. The Tone comp. menu controls the type of curve used.
Low contrast
Medium low
Medium high
High contrast
Camera automatically optimizes con trast by selecting ap pro -
pri ate curve. Curve varies from shot to shot, even in scenes
of same type; to take multiple shots with same curve, choose
different setting. For best results, use type G or D lens.
Camera uses same standard curve for all im ag es. Suit ed to
most scenes, whether dark or bright.
Produces "softer" images. Pre vents highlights on portrait
subjects from being "washed out" in direct sunlight.
Slightly less contrast than Normal.
Slightly more contrast than Normal.
Preserves de tail in misty land scapes and other low-contrast
Custom curve can be created in Nikon Capture 4 version 4.1
or later (available separately) and downloaded to camera.
Choose Custom to se lect this user-defi ned curve.
custom curve has been created, this op tion is equiv a lent to
Nor mal.
If no


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