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• Replace the terminal cover when trans-
porting the battery. Do not transport
or store with metal objects such as
neck lac es or hair pins.
• Batteries are prone to leakage when
fully discharged. To avoid damage to
the prod uct, be sure to remove the bat-
tery when no charge re mains.
• When the battery is not in use, at tach
the terminal cover and store in a cool
• Immediately after use, or when the
prod uct is used on battery power for
an ex tend ed period, the bat tery may
become hot. Before re mov ing the bat-
tery, turn the camera off and al low the
battery to cool.
• Discontinue use immediately should you
notice any changes in the bat tery, such
as dis col or a tion or de for ma tion.
Use appropriate cables
When connecting cables to the in put and
output jacks, use only the ca bles pro-
vid ed or sold by Nikon for the pur pose,
to main tain com pli ance with prod uct
reg u la tions.
Keep out of reach of children
Particular care should be tak en to pre vent
infants from putting the bat tery or other
small parts into their mouths.
Removing memory cards
Memory cards may become hot dur-
ing use. Observe due cau tion when
re mov ing memory cards from the
cam era.
The CD-ROMs on which the soft ware
and manuals are dis trib ut ed should not
be played back on audio CD equip ment.
Playing CD-ROMs on an audio CD play er
could cause hear ing loss or dam age the
equip ment.
Observe caution when using the fl ash
Using the fl ash close to your sub ject's
eyes could cause tem po rary vi su al
im pair ment.
Par tic u lar care should
be observed if pho to graph ing in fants,
when the fl ash should be no less than
one meter (39˝) from the sub ject.
When using the viewfi nder
When operating the diopter ad just ment
control with your eye to the viewfi nder,
care should be tak en not to put your
fi n ger in your eye ac ci den tal ly.
Avoid contact with liquid crystal
Should the monitor break, care should
be tak en to avoid injury due to bro ken
glass and to pre vent liq uid crystal from
the mon i tor touch ing the skin or en ter ing
the eyes or mouth.


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