Air/Oil/Water Flow - Hitachi NEXT Series Instruction Manual

Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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8. STANDARD COMPONENTS AND SUBSYSTEMS [Standard Components, Air/Oil/Water Flow]
⑻ Air intake filter
The air intake filter is a dry type for easy cleaning or
⑼ Fan  
The low noise cooling fan cools the cooler, exhausts
the hot air within the enclosure, and exhausts the
internal compressed air that is released to atmosphere
during the unloading (purging) process.
The small cooling fan cools the inside of the package,
and exhausts the internal compressed air that is
released to atmosphere during the unloading
(purging) process.
※ The indication in the (
⑽ Control panel
The control panel employs a printed circuit board on
which a microprocessor is mounted to achieve easy
operation. The air compressor can be operated
⑾ Enclosure
The enclosures are attached with the sound absorbing
materials. The front and left enclosure panel includes
a door that enables easy maintenance.
) is for Vtype.
8.2 Air/Oil/ Water Flow
Compressed Air Flow
Intake air is compressed and heated by the 1st stage
airend and pressure builds up to approximately 29 psi
(0.20MPa). The heated air is cooled down by the
intercooler and then further compressed and heated by
the 2nd stage airend as pressure builds up to the rated
pressure level of the air compressor. The reheated air
flows through the check valve to the aftercooler, where
the compressed air is cooled down and then discharged
to the plant compressed air piping.
Oil Flow
The oil sump is located in the bottom of the gear case.
Oil is sucked through an oil strainer (oil strainer has a
100-mesh filter screen) by the oil pump and is
hydraulically fed to the oil cooler where it is cooled.
During the cooling process, oil flows through the high-
precision oil filter and is then injected onto the bearings
of the 1st and 2nd stage airends as well as the stepup
gears. Oil returns to the oil sump, where it continues to
circulate through the system.
Cooling Air Flow
The cooling fan removes the heat from the air-cooled, oil
cooler, intercooler, aftercooler and Hi-precooler (125 psi
(0.86 MPa) type), and this heat exchanged air is exhausted
through the air exhaust grill on the top of the enclosure.
Cooling Water Flow
Incoming water cools the intercooler, the water jackets of
the airends, the aftercooler and the oil cooler. Refer to
"Cooling Water Flow Diagram" for the detail of cooling
water flow (
page 73).

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents