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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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3. OPERATION PROCEDURE [How to Use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)]
3.3.2 Monitoring Displays
■ Monitor Displays during Normal Operation
Monitor Display 1
Monitor Display 2
"CURRENT" reading is an approximate S-phase Amp
"OUTPUT" reading is an approximate calculated power
(1) Indicates current time. An asterisk blinks.
(2) Indicates the control state.
(3) Indicates a discharge pressure (DIS.PRESS)
(4) Indicates total running hours (RUN HOUR), total
loaded hours (LOAD HOUR), and total number of
loads (LOAD TIMES).
Blinking asterisk means counting the running hours.
(5) Indicates a percentage of load to unload of the DSP
air compressor (LOAD RATE).
For Vtype, the rate is calculated based on only
frequency. Indicates "* * *", if PQ wide mode is
(6) Indicates the amperage current of the package input
INTE : Indicates fixed speed type used the standard, 2-step
control system.
AUTO : Indicates fixed speed type used the automatic motor
stop/restart capacity control system.
VSDB : Indicates Vtype without the AUTO capacity control.
VSDA : Indicates Vtype with the AUTO capacity control
(standard setting for Vtype).
EXIT : Indicated the external capacity control is used.
: Indicates multi unit control system through the
communication is used
(7) Indicates the operating frequency of the main motor
(8) Indicates "* * *" for this air compressor.
(9) Indicates (MASTER), when the air compressor is
master in lead-lag operation.
(10) Indicates each pressure and temperature. "* * *"
indicates not in use.
(11) Indicates the number of hours until the next
maintenance service (HR. TO MAINT), and the
next maintenance type (NEXT MAINT).
Indicates ECOMODE is activated for
fixed speed type.
Displayed when stop is limited for AUTO
operation (Standard: no symbol)

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents