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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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● Vtype
Pay high attention for handling the motor for it has
very strong permanent magnet inside.
Those who have electronic medical devices such as
pace makers must be away from the magnetic rotors.
Do not move electronic devices such as magnetic
cards, watch or measuring equipment closer to the
magnetized motor rotors.
For disassembly, contact the close Hitachi authorized
Do Not Breathe Air!
Discharge air can contain Carbon Monoxide and
other contaminants. Breathing the air can cause
severe injury or death.
Electric Shock Hazard!
Before servicing or wiring the air compressor,
disconnect the power. This will prevent anyone
from turning on the power and causing an electric
shock that could lead to severe injury or death.
Do not allow any unlicensed person to wire the air
compressor. Always use a licensed electrician.
Ground the air compressor.
Precaution against Fire!
Keep any other hazardous materials such as
flammable solvents away from the air compressor.
Also do not use fire nearby it; otherwise a spark
may enter the air compressor and burn it internally.
Do not remove any protective relay' s. Also do not
make a modification of the control circuit that may
result in impairing the protective relayʼs function.
Remember that the loss of the protective relayʼs
function may cause serious damage.
Install an earth leakage circuit breaker between
the air compressor and the power supply. Do not
use a disconnector such as a knife switch
because it cannot protect the air compressor and
may cause burnout of the air end if a ground fault
has occurred.
Strong magnetism
High Pressure Air!
High pressure air can cause severe injury or death.
Be careful when air compressor is operating.
Pressurized air can blow out of air relief valves
and etc. at incredibly high velocities.
When using compressed air to clean equipment,
use extreme caution and/or wear eye protection.
Before servicing the air compressor, stop it,
disconnect the power, and relieve pressure before
removing filter, plug, fitting or cover.
Hot Surface!
Do not directly touch the air end, discharge air
pipe,and coolers when the air compressor is
operating and immediately after it has stopped,
because these parts are heated then.
Before servicing the air compressor (especially when
accessing to the heated parts), stop it, disconnect
the power, and wait until it is cooled down.
Rotating Parts!
Keep hands and rods, etc. away from the rotating
parts (Cooling fans, etc.)
Use caution at all times, when air compressor is
powered. The air compressor may be capable of
restarting without hitting the START button.
When the air compressor is operating, do not
remove or open the enclosure panels and doors.
Before servicing the air compressor, stop it,
disconnect the power, especially when accessing
any rotating parts.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents