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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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3. OPERATION PROCEDURE [How to Use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)]
Capacity control
This function sets the pressures and times for capacity
control. Two different combinations (P1 and P2) of
pressures can be used. Item number with dot " . " can be
select from LCD monitor. Item number with a dash " - "
can be selected from digital monitor. (
Use the Digital Monitor for the detail.)
1. Type: Indicates the setting data for capacity control
① Type of capacity control (Cannot be changed from LCD
Fixed speed type
I: Indicates the standard, 2-step control.
IP: Indicates the optional motor stop/restart capacity
control to "I".
VA: Indicates motor stop/restart capacity control is
VB: Indicates motor stop/restart capacity control is
② Pressure setting (Cannot be changed from LCD
S-1: Indicates pressure setting 1
S-2: Indicates pressure setting 2
EXT: Indicates external pressure setting
S-A : Indicates pressure setting switches by set time
on ⑥.
③ Option condition and setting.
NUL: Indicates no option.
2. - 3. OPTION: Used for options.
4. - 6. Pressure Setting: ④ Indicates cut-in, cut-out
and target pressure setting 1 and 2 can be confirmed.
Target means target pressure for ECOMODE
7. TIME LIMIT (Fixed speed type only)
⑤ Indicates the time limit of load/unload one-cycle time
for ECOMODE. Load/unload one-cycle time must be 30
second or more. (
3.4 How to
8. TIME:
⑥ Can set the time to use pressure setting 2.
When set the value properly, ② is indicated in " S-A". If
the start and stop time is set at same value, pressure
setting 2 is not in use and ② is indicated in S-1. And
pressure setting 1 and 2 can be change by external
switch. Set the F018 on digital monitor "2".
3.4.2 , 3.4.7)
The settings can be memorized while the air compressor
is stopped.
Scheduled Operation
Allows a standard daily scheduling operation.
This illustration indicates a scheduling operation from 7:00 to
20:00. TIME field indicates a current time of 19:07.
1. MODE:
Operates without a schedule.
Operates according to a daily 24- hour calendar.
(1) to (5) : Five Start/Stop Time Patterns
・ START : Starting Time
・ STOP : Stopping Time
・ Y or N : Yes starts or stops as scheduled.
When the schedule is selected, the AUTO light comes ON
(glowing) if the time setting is valid and ON (blinking) if
the time setting is invalid. The settings can be memorized
while the air compressor is stopped.
2.-3. RECORD1, 2 : This function allows for the
capability to record data over a desired time in a day. To
view the recorded data, refer to "5. Operation data
display" on the next page.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents