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Installation; Product Confirmation; Transporting The Air Compressor - Hitachi SRL Series Instruction Manual

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1 Product Confirmation

1. Check the air compressor nameplate to verify that
the proper model air compressor was delivered.
2. Verify that there has been no damage to the air
compressor during transportation.
3. Verify that the items shown below are included
with the air compressor.
sheets for
installation -
1 copy
4 Sheets

2 Transporting the Air Compressor

Transporting the Air Compressor
Moving with a Forklift
P l a c e a b u f f e r p l a t e i n
between the air compressor
and the forklift to protect
the air compressor panels.
D o n o t t i l t t h e f o r k s o f
the forklift too much. Too
much tilt may cause the air
compressor to drop.
● After installing air compressor, please
be sure to attach the plates shown in
the figure to the right.
These plates are shipped with the
compressor and will greatly reduce
compressor noise during operation.
● It is recommended that properly trained personnel move the air compressor.
● Operation of the air compressor with the transport fixtures installed will lead to excessive vibration
of the air compressor and the package may rupture. The transport fixtures must be removed prior
to operation of the air compressor.
4 - Steel
& 8 - Bolts
● Do not use an air compressor with
Model Nameplate
● Review the model
number, serial number,
power requirements and
Warning Label
● Read the Warning Label
before use.
a power supply differing from the
specified power requirement.
Incorrect power supply may cause
fire and/or abnormal vibration.
Removing the Transport Fixtures
Remove the transport fixtures
● Open the front door, remove the yellow bolts and
remove the transport fixtures prior to operating.
Transport Fixtures Location
7.7/11kW : 2 locations
: 3 locations

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