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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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3.2 Start/Stop Operation

3.2.1 Connecting the Power
When the power is connected, the POWER light turns
ON and the following Hitachi logo display appears on the
LCD. After 5 seconds, monitoring display appears; it
shows operation type, discharge air pressure, total
operating hours, etc.
※ The asterisk blinks when the clock and total running
hours are active.
If phase is reversed, "Connection Error: Reverse
Phase" will be displayed on the LCD monitor as a
setting/connection check message. In this case,
exchange 2 out of the 3 main power cables. If the air
compressor has control transformer in the control panel,
Open Phase is indicated as Reverse Phase. So check the
power cable connection of T Phase.
In case of open phase, "Connection Error: Open
Phase"  will be displayed on the LCD monitor. In this
case, check the power cables.
Start/Stop Operation
5 seconds
3.2.2 Start/Stop
When the START button is pressed, the START light
turns on and the compressor starts operating.
When the compressor starts running, the asterisk on the
right side of running hours blinks and running time
starts to be counted.
To stop the operation, press the UNLOAD STOP button.
Operation stops after 5-minute drying of air end and air
To stop the compressor immediately without unloading,
press the STOP button.
Note) If the STOP button is pressed during unloading,
the compressor stops immediately.
(1) The air compressor does not start for 10 second after
power on to secure the safety.
, if the START button is pressed within 10 to
15 seconds after power-on, the AUTO START light will
blink up to 10 seconds for operation preparation and
then the compressor starts running.
(2) Make sure that the door is closed before starting the
air compressor.
(3) Buttons, such as START/STOP/RESET function shall
be pressed for more than 0.3 seconds.
3.2.3 Emergency Stop
Pressing EMERGENCY STOP bottom, the DSP
compressor immediately stops.
This switch should only be pressed in emergency.
The compressor can not be restarted until the switch is
manually reset.
Turn the switch knob clockwise and press the RESET
button to reset.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents