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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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3.3.5 [FUNCTION MENU] - Setting Displays
Model Setting Confirmation
When contacting the local Hitachi distributor, inform this
information as a based setting status.
Operation Mode Setting
Confirm the settings by lead/lag and multi unit control
(option). These options need wiring modification. Item
number with a dash "-" cannot be selected on LCD
1- MODE: Operation mode set on the digital monitor.
If using the backup function, switch to the digital
monitor for setting.
2. DUAL TIME:  Alternate operation hours of lead/lag
operation.(Setting range : 0.1 to 99.9 hours; initial
value: 8.0)
3. METHOD: Switching method (overlap or interval)
of lead/lag operation.
4. SWITCHOVER: Switching-over or overlapping
period of lead/lag operation. (Setting range : 5 to 300
seconds; initial value: 15)
3. OPERATION PROCEDURE [How to Use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)]
This display contains software version (VER.), air compressor
series (SERIES NAME), cooling method (COOLING
METHOD), number of air compression stages (NO. OF
STAGE), action against instantaneous power interruption
(IPI) and etc. "* *" means the setting that is not required.
① Indicates board software version.
② Indicates compressor type.
③ Displays cooling type.
④ Displays the number of compressor stages.
⑤ Displays pressure specification.
⑥ Displays interstage pressure.
⑦ Indicates CT setting value.
⑧ Displays water failure detection conditions for water
cooled compressor.
⑨ Displays status of instantaneous power interruption
(IPI) restart setting.
⑩ Displays compressor number. (Must be distinguished
by number is using communication function.)
Operates a air compressor independently
Operates by multi roller EX of exclusive use for NEXT
series using communication function.
By this setting RS485 communication port is effective.
The setting of air compressor number is required.
Operates two air compressors alternately according to
a time schedule. The AUTO light comes ON (glowing).
Operates two air compressors according to a preset
back up pressure. Starts the back up slave unit when
the pressure has dropped to the desired preset back up
pressure. The AUTO light comes ON (glowing)
Slave unit starts, master/slave units overlap in operation
for a preset period, and then master unit stops.
Master unit stops, a non-operating interval passes, and
then slave unit starts.
5. BACKUP: Pressure to start a backup unit in a backup
operation (cut-in (load) pressure – α)
6. UNLOAD: Pressure to unload both the units in a
backup operation (cut-out (unload) pressure – α)
7- ALT. TIME: Displays time remaining until switch for
dual / backup operation. Time is not counted down
when operating 2 units for backup operation. When
operation is stopped, remaining time is maintained.
8- CONTROL MODE: Control mode A or B for Vtype
3.3.2). "* *" is indicated in fixed speed type.
The settings can be memorized while the air compressor
is stopped.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents