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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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9. MAINTENANCE [How to Service the Air Compressor]
Notes for main motor
Vtype utilize the main motor which has permanent magnetic rotor.
Contact the local HITACHI distributor/master dealer or representative office for the repair or disassembly.
Repair and disassembly work must be performed by licensed technician to avoid the electric shock, injury
and/or fire.
Keep the magnetic rotor from a person with electronic medical equipment, such as a pacemaker.
The medical equipment may malfunction, which may lead to a fatal danger to the person.
Do not connect the motor with anything other than a dedicated controller to avoid the electric shock, injury
and/or fire.
A very strong magnetic force of attraction or repelling is generated between the magnetic rotor and the other
magnet rotors, magnets, iron pieces or iron tools.
Be careful extremely when handling the magnetic rotor. You may get your hand caught in during rotor
assembly work or lose a balance because of attraction or repelling force, which may cause an
accident and/or injury.
Magnets attract iron chips or other metal particles easily. Be very careful for handling.
Using the magnetic rotor with particles may cause a failure.
Do not bring the magnetic rotor close to an electronic device, such as PC board, LCD monitor.
It may cause a failure of electric device.
Do not bring the magnetic rotor to a magnetic tape, computer diskette, prepaid card, ticket, electronic clock,
cathode-ray tube, etc. Electronic record may be damaged or become unusable due to magnetization.
■ Disposal
Dispose of main motor for Vtype as general industrial waste. Before disposing of
the magnetic rotor, heat the rotor to 932℉ (500℃) or higher with a gas burner or
heating furnace for thermal demagnetization.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents