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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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■ Maintenance Notice Messages
 ① Periodical maintenance
A maintenance date is determined by the amount of total operating hours or an elapsed calendar period, whichever
comes first. When the maintenance date or time arrives, the maintenance notice message appears on the display under
the heading of MESSAGE.
This function is only for the notice and is not output externally.
The consumable parts for the suction throttle valve shall be replaced this maintenance notice or L COUNT OVER
appears, whichever comes first.
If a message of maintenance notice is displayed, carefully read it and service the air compressor as
instructed by this manual. After servicing the air compressor, press the SET button and hold it down for
more than seven (7) seconds; the MAINT. COMPLETED message appears. After one (1) minute, the
monitor display appears.
1. MAINTenance can be reset, if the servicing is done earlier than expected and if the remaining operating time to next maintenance is
less than 2,000h in the case of A, 1,000h in the case of B.
2. On the contrary, if the servicing is done after the maintenance notice has appeared, the remaining operating hours to the next
maintenance has been zero until the maintenance is done. After maintenance and resetting the counter, new counting time starts
just after the maintenance notice message has appeared on the display.
② Other Message Displays
If set to local by remote operation following
shutdown restoration, the compressor will
automatically return to local operation in case of a
shutdown, and the message will be displayed for 1
minute. For setting details, see "3.4 How to Use
the Digital Monitor."
Indicates that the compressor is in override mode.
3. OPERATION PROCEDURE [How to Use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)]
0.5 year, 1.5 years,
2.5 years, 3.5 years,
4.5 years, 5.5 years
1 year, 5 years
Yearly + half-yearly
2 years, 4 years
2-yearly + yearly + half-yearly
3 years
3-yearly + yearly + half-yearly
6 years, overhaul
6-yearly + 3-yearly + 2-yearly + yearly + half-yearly
Standard Maintenance Schedule (A) (for yearly 8,000-or-less operating hours)
Standard Maintenance Schedule (B) (for yearly 4,000-or-less operating hours)
Blinks when the UNLOAD STOP button is used.
The air compressor unloads for 5 minutes and then

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents