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3. OPERATION PROCEDURE [How to Use the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)]
3.3.4 How to Move within a Menu Display and to Change a Setting
 The method and procedure for altering settings is displayed using the following as an example.
How to MOVE within a [FUNCTION MENU] Display
How to Select or Change a Setting within a Setting Display
① Press the MENU button when the monitor display 1
or 2 is appeared
② Press the
desired item number.
③  Press the SET button to open the related setting
The following explanation uses [MULTI-U SETTING
display] as an example.
① Press the
desired item number.
Item number with a dash "-" cannot be selected on LCD
monitor. It can be selected from digital monitor. (
How to Use the Digital Monitor for the detail.)
② Press the
setting field.
③ Press the
setting appears.
④ Press the SET button to return to the item number.
⑤ Press the SET button again to return to the item
number 1. This saves the changed setting.
Press the MONITOR button to retur n to the
[FUNCTION MENU] display. Press the MONITOR
button again to view the monitoring display.
buttons to move to the
buttons to move to the
button to move to the desired
buttons until the desired

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents