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Oil-free rotary screw air compressor
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9. MAINTENANCE [How to Service the Air Compressor]
Lubricating oil Replacement (Annually)
Left door
Oil case
(for oil/air vent)
Oil filter
Yellow line
Oil drain port ①
(with plug)
Oil drain port ③
(with plug)
● Change the oil regularly, as instructed in the
standard maintenance schedule. (
Neglecting to change the oil causes oil
deterioration that could result in clogging of
the oil strainer and a fire.
● Be sure to use the recommended lubricating
oil on 2.3 
Absolutely DO NOT mix
different types of lubricating oil.
● Overfilling with lubricating oil may increase
shaft power and result in rise in oil temperature.
Front door (1)
(for oil/air vent)
Oil filling port plug
Oil cover
Oil drain valve ①
(for oil case draining)
Oil drain valve ②
(for oil case draining)
Oil drain port ②
(with plug)
■ Oil drain
①   S top the air compressor and disconnect the power.
Remove the front door (1) and left door.
② Place oil pans under the oil drain ports ①②③. The
dimension of oil pan is approximately 3 × 10 × 14
inches (75 × 250 × 300 mm). Prepare the oil jug of
6.6 gal (25 liters) or more for air-cooled type, and 3.9
gal (15 liters) or more for water-cooled type.
③ Remove the plugs of oil drain ports ① and ②. Then
connect copper pipes to the ports. The dimensions of
the copper pipes is 1/2B × 2 to 4 inches (1/2B × 50
to 100 mm). After that, open the oil drain valves ①
and ② to drain lubricating oil.
④ After opening oil drain valves ① and ②, remove the
plug (for oil/air vent). (Note that the oil/air vent
location of air-cooled type and water-cooled type are
⑤ Remove the plug from oil drain port ③ to drain
lubricating oil.
⑥ Replace all lubricating oil bi-annually. Also once a year,
remove the oil port cover and wipe the sludge off of
the bottom of the gear case with a sponge and clean.
⑦ Close oil drain valves ① and ②. Tighten removed
plugs with seal tape to oil drain ports ①, ②, ③ and
oil/air vent.
■ Oil filling
⑧ Remove the oil filling port plug, and fill the oil until
the oil reaches the upper red line of the oil level
■ Check/refilling
⑨ Turn on the power, press the START button and press
the STOP button after 5 – 6 seconds running.
⑩ Check the oil level on the oil level gauge. The oil
level drops because lubricating oil flows to the piping,
oil cooler and so on.
⑪ Disconnect the power and add the oil until upper red
⑫ After refilling is complete, plug tightly.
⑬   T urn the power on, press the START button and
make sure the oil level is between the upper and
lower red lines of the oil level gauge.
⑭   M ake sure no oil leaks from the oil drain valve and

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents