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Removing And Replacing The Outer Slide Rails - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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Removing and replacing the outer slide rails

To remove and replace the outer slide rails, complete the following steps:
1. Remove the eight screws that attach the outer slide rails to the rack cabinet,
2. If you are installing the console unit in an IBM rack cabinet, no adjustment is
3. Adjust the outer slide-rail brackets to fit the depth of the rack cabinet, and then
1U 17-inch Flat Panel Console Kit: Installation and Maintenance Guide
and then remove the old outer slide rails from the cabinet.
necessary. Otherwise, loosen the two rail-adjustment screws on each of the
outer slide rails and extend the rails to their maximum outward adjustment.
attach the front of the slide-rail brackets to the rack cabinet, using four screws.
Make sure that the slide-rail brackets extend outside of the rack-cabinet
mounting flanges.
Note: Do not install screws in the middle holes in the slide-rail bracket. These
holes are for the thumbscrews on the front of the console unit.

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