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Replacing The Console Unit In The Rack; Removing The Existing Console Unit - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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12. Remove the screw and the nut that attach the inner slide rails to the console
13. Go to step 1 on page 48 for instructions for reinstalling the console unit in the

Replacing the console unit in the rack

The procedures that are provided in this section to replace the console unit in the
rack cabinet consist of the following tasks:
1. Removing the existing console unit from the rack cabinet
2. Moving the keyboard from the existing console unit to the replacement console
3. Removing and replacing the outer slide rails
4. Installing the replacement console unit in the rack cabinet
Removing the rack doors and side panels might make removal of the existing
console unit and installation of the replacement easier. See the documentation that
comes with the rack cabinet for additional information.

Removing the existing console unit

To remove the existing console unit with keyboard, complete the following steps:
1. Make sure that the two thumbscrews on the front of the console unit are
2. Turn off the display and disconnect the power cord from the short jumper cord
unit. Then, attach the corresponding new inner slide rails to the unit, using the
same hardware.
rack cabinet, and then install any other devices that you removed from the
rack cabinet.
Note: The replacement console unit comes with inner slide rails attached. To
be sure that the slide-rail assemblies fit correctly, replace the existing
outer slide rails with the new rails that come with the replacement
console unit.
loosened for removal of the console unit.
on the cable-management arm from the electrical outlet or power distribution
unit (PDU). Disconnect the video, keyboard, and mouse connectors from the
server or console switch in the rack cabinet.
Chapter 4. Hardware maintenance information

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