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Installing The Keyboard In The Console Unit - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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Installing the keyboard in the console unit

To install the keyboard in the console unit, complete the following steps:
1U 17-inch Flat Panel Console Kit: Installation and Maintenance Guide
1. Place the console unit on a table or other flat surface and make sure that the
right side of the unit extends approximately 76 mm (3 in.) over the edge of the
surface. This will help you route the keyboard-and-mouse cable more easily
later in the procedure. (See the illustration in step 5 on page 7.)
2. Carefully lift the flat-panel display to the full upright position.
3. If the keyboard that you are installing comes with two rubber pads on the
underside of the keyboard, remove and discard them. (The rubber pads have
an adhesive backing and can be peeled from the surface.) If you leave the
rubber pads on the keyboard, they will extend into the 1U space below.
Do not extend the keyboard feet. The flat-panel display screen
might be damaged if the feet are extended when the display is closed.
4. Peel the protective strip from the hook-and-loop fastener strip that comes with
the console kit and attach it to the underside of the keyboard toward the front.
Hook-and-loop fastener
Remove rubber pads
(two places)
Keyboard foot

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