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Chapter 1. Introduction; Inventory Checklist - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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Chapter 1. Introduction

tray in one unit. An optional IBM PS/2 or USB keyboard fits inside the front of the
console unit. The console unit occupies 1U
install an optional console switch in the rack cabinet to attach more than one server
to the flat-panel display and keyboard.

Inventory checklist

Note: The illustrations in this documentation might differ slightly from your
The console kit contains the following items:
v One console unit with built-in flat-panel display and cable-management arm
v Two outer rails
1. Racks are measured in vertical increments of 1.75 inches each. Each increment is called a "U." A 1U-high device is 1.75 inches
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1U 17-inch Flat Panel Console Kit is a flat-panel display and keyboard
Important: The ac adapter that is connected to the flat-panel display is not
intended for use with other products. Do not disassemble the
flat-panel display or remove the ac adapter.
of space in a rack cabinet. You can

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