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Chapter 3. Tft-Lcd Display; User Controls - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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Chapter 3. TFT-LCD display

This chapter contains basic information about using the TFT-LCD display. For most
applications, the factory default settings on the display do not require adjustment.
You can download the Owner's Instructions from To find
the correct manual, press the MENU button and match the on-screen display (OSD)
with one of the OSD choices on the Web site. To return the display to the factory
default settings, press and hold the EXIT button for 3 seconds.

User controls

Use the control buttons on the front of the display to adjust the characteristics of the
image that is being displayed. While you use these buttons to adjust the settings,
an OSD menu displays their numeric values as the settings change.
The user controls on the front of the LCD display function as detailed in the
following list.
v AUTO button: Press this button to automatically adjust the display settings.
v EXIT button: Press this button to exit from the OSD function or go back to the
v Power indicator: Indicates the status of the display operation.
v Power button: Press this button to turn on and turn off the display power.
v Left arrow and right arrow buttons (
v MENU button: Press this button to display the OSD menu and to move the
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previous menu.
– Green: Normal operation
– Black: Power is off
– Press the right arrow button to select the function that is to be adjusted.
– Press the left arrow or right arrow button to decrease or increase the value of
the selected adjustment or to select the correct setting.
– Brightness (
): Press the left arrow or right arrow button to adjust the
brightness of the back light lamp without using the OSD menu.
selector on the OSD menu.

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