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The Ibm Documentation Cd; Hardware And Software Requirements; Using The Documentation Browser - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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The IBM Documentation CD

The IBM Documentation CD contains documentation for the console unit in Portable
Document Format (PDF) and includes the IBM Documentation Browser to help you
find information quickly.

Hardware and software requirements

The IBM Documentation CD requires the following minimum hardware and
v Microsoft
v 100 MHz microprocessor
v 32 MB of RAM
v Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 (or later) or xpdf, which comes with Linux operating

Using the Documentation Browser

Use the Documentation Browser to browse the contents of the CD, read brief
descriptions of the documents, and view documents, using Adobe Acrobat Reader
or xpdf. The Documentation Browser automatically detects the regional settings in
use in your server and displays the documents in the language for that region (if
available). If a document is not available in the language for that region, the
English-language version is displayed.
Use one of the following procedures to start the Documentation Browser:
v If Autostart is enabled, insert the CD into the CD or DVD drive. The
v If Autostart is disabled or is not enabled for all users, use one of the following
Select the console unit from the Product menu. The Available Topics list displays
all the documents for the console unit. Some documents might be in folders. A plus
sign (+) indicates each folder or document that has additional documents under it.
Click the plus sign to display the additional documents.
When you select a document, a description of the document is displayed under
Topic Description. To select more than one document, press and hold the Ctrl key
while you select the documents. Click View Book to view the selected document or
documents in Acrobat Reader or xpdf. If you selected more than one document, all
the selected documents are opened in Acrobat Reader or xpdf.
To search all the documents, type a word or word string in the Search field and
click Search. The documents in which the word or word string appears are listed in
order of the most occurrences. Click a document to view it, and press Crtl+F to use
the Acrobat search function, or press Alt+F to use the xpdf search function within
the document.
XP, Windows 2000, or Red Hat Linux
Documentation Browser starts automatically.
– If you are using a Windows operating system, insert the CD into the CD or
DVD drive and click Start --> Run. In the Open field, type
where e is the drive letter of the CD or DVD drive, and click OK.
– If you are using Red Hat Linux, insert the CD into the CD or DVD drive; then,
run the following command from the /mnt/cdrom directory:
Chapter 1. Introduction

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