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Installing The Replacement Console Unit In The Rack Cabinet - IBM 1U Installation And Maintenance Manual

17-inch flat panel console kit
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Installing the replacement console unit in the rack cabinet

To install the replacement console unit in the rack cabinet, complete the following
1. Extend the inner part of the outer rails and slide the ball-bearing assemblies
2. Press the release latches, and then push the console unit completely into the
3. Push the console unit into the rack.
1U 17-inch Flat Panel Console Kit: Installation and Maintenance Guide
forward to the front of the outer rails. Carefully slide the console unit into the
ball-bearing assemblies in the rails.
rack. There will be resistance initially as the ball-bearing assemblies align
between the inner and outer rails. Pull the console unit out halfway, and then
push it back in to seat the console unit in the rails. Do this a few times until the
console unit moves smoothly in the rails.
Release latch

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