Completing The Installation Of A Hard Disk Drive; Installing A Drive In A Front-Access Shelf - HP Kayak XU04 Installation Manual

Installing accessories in your hp pc workstation
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When a SCSI Hard
Disk Drive Is Installed
When an IDE Drive
Is Installed
Before Installing an
IDE Device
HP Kayak XU PC Workstation — Installing Accessories In Your HP PC Workstation
Installing Mass Storage Devices

Completing the Installation of a Hard Disk Drive

For more information on completing the installation of a SCSI hard disk
drive, refer to the SCSI Administrator's Guide available on HP's web
site at
1 Switch on the computer.
2 To display the device in POST, press
3 If an error message appears, follow the instructions provided by the
Error Message Utility. When prompted, press
4 Select the
item, check that the details for the device have been
Primary Master
correctly detected by the Setup program.
5 Press
to save and exit Setup.
Refer to the operating system documentation for information on
formatting a drive.
If an IDE drive is removed, the system BIOS will automatically detect
that the device is missing. Press
the device. The system configuration will be updated automatically.

Installing a Drive in a Front-Access Shelf

These instructions explain how to install a drive (such as a flexible
disk drive, a CD-ROM drive, CD-RW drive, or a tape drive) in one of
the front-access drive shelves. You should also refer to the manual
supplied with the drive for any additional installation instructions.
Refer to the drive's installation guide to see if you must set jumpers or
if there is a special installation procedure to follow.
menu, and the
IDE Devices
to confirm that you want to remove
while the PC Workstation
to run the Setup
submenu. In the


Table of Contents

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