Installing A Hard Disk Drive In A Front-Access Shelf - HP Kayak XU04 Installation Manual

Installing accessories in your hp pc workstation
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HP Kayak XU PC Workstation — Installing Accessories In Your HP PC Workstation
Installing Mass Storage Devices

Installing a Hard Disk Drive in a Front-Access Shelf

To ensure your hard disk drive is properly located and cooled, you
should only install drives that are up to one inch (1") in height and of a
speed equal to or less than 7200 rpm in this shelf.
1 Disconnect the computer's power cord and any LAN or
telecommunications cable.
2 Remove the computer's cover (refer to page 3).
3 Remove the HP UltraFlow airflow guide (refer to page 5).
4 Unscrew and remove an unused drive tray.
5 Mount the drive on the tray as shown below.
Set the drive on
the tray
Remove the
drive tray
Fix the drive to
the tray


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents