Supported Hp Accessories - HP Kayak XU04 Installation Manual

Installing accessories in your hp pc workstation
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Internal Mass
Storage Devices
5 Pairs of Rails for Front
Access Devices:
- 3.5-inch disk drive rails
- 5.25-inch disk drive rails
Up to six accessory boards
can be installed:
- One AGP slot (graphics)
- Four 32-bit PCI slots (one used by SCSI/LAN board,
and on selected models, one with a RAIDport)
- One combination PCI or ISA slot
HP Kayak XU PC Workstation — Installing Accessories In Your HP PC Workstation

Supported HP Accessories

Supported HP Accessories
Contact your dealer for an up-to-date list of supported devices.
512 MB registered ECC SDRAM DIMMS cannot be used with 64 MB,
128 MB or 256 non-buffered MB DIMMs.
Main Memory Upgrades
(DIMM slots for ECC SDRAM):
- 64 MB non-buffered
- 128 MB non-buffered
- 256 MB non-buffered or,
- 512 MB registered (selected models only)
Front Access Drives, for example:
- 3.5-inch 1.44 MB flexible disk drive
(one third height)
- 5.25-inch 1.2 MB flexible disk drive
(half height)
- 5.25-inch tape drive (half height)
Four spare screws


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents