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Installing Mass Storage Devices; Connecting Devices - HP Kayak XU04 Installation Manual

Installing accessories in your hp pc workstation
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HP Kayak XU PC Workstation — Installing Accessories In Your HP PC Workstation

Installing Mass Storage Devices

Installing Mass Storage Devices

Connecting Devices

If you add an IDE Zip drive, hard disk drive, CD-ROM drive, CD-RW
drive, or tape drive, you need to connect it to power and data cables.
The data cables and power connectors provided are shown below:
Cable with one connector for
3.5-inch Flexible Disk Drive
16-bit SCSI with five
68-pin SCSI connectors
16-bit External 68-
pin SCSI connector
8-bit SCSI with two
50-pin SCSI connectors
34-pin connector
68-pin SCSI connectors
Cable with two 40-pin connectors for
IDE Drives such as CD-ROM Drives,
Zip Drives or Hard Disk Drives.
Power Cables for Hard Disk
Drives, Zip Drives, Tape Drives,
CD-RW, and CD-ROM Drives
Power Cable for 3.5-inch
Flexible Disk Drive


Table of Contents

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