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Yamaha DSP-AX1 Owner's Manual: Input Modes And Indications

Natural sound av amplifier.
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Input Modes and Indications

The DSP-AX1 comes with various input jacks. If your external component is connected to more than one type of input jack, you can set the
priority of the input signal. Press INPUT MODE on the front panel or an input button (press it repeatedly) on the remote control to display or
change the input mode.
Dolby Digital RF
Basic Playback
AUTO: ................. This mode is automatically selected when you turn on the power of this
unit. In this mode, the input signal is automatically selected in the
following order.
1) Dolby Digital or DTS encoded signals
2) Digital (PCM) signals
3) Analog signals
DTS: ..................... In this mode, only digital input signals encoded with DTS are selected
even if other signals are input at the same time.
ANALOG: ........... In this mode, only analog input signals are selected even if digital signals
are input at the same time.
<When LD is selected as the input source>
AUTO: ................. In this mode, this unit automatically selects the signal in the following
1) Dolby Digital RF encoded signals
2) DTS encoded signals
3) Digital (PCM) signals
4) Analog signals
D.D. RF: ............... This unit only selects Dolby Digital RF signals.
DTS: ..................... This unit only selects DTS signals.
DGTL: .................. This unit only selects digital signals input through the OPTICAL jacks.
ANALOG: ........... This unit only selects signals input through the ANALOG jacks. This unit
will not select Dolby Digital RF or DTS signals.
• For CD, DVD, and CBL/SAT sources, if digital signals are input from both the
OPTICAL and COAXIAL terminals, the digital signal from the COAXIAL terminal is
• When the "AUTO" mode is selected, the DSP-AX1 automatically determines the type
of signal. If the DSP-AX1 detects a DTS or Dolby Digital signal, the decoder
automatically switches to the appropriate setting and reproduces 5.1 channel sound.
• When you use functions such as pause, search, or disc change while playing a disc
encoded with DTS signals, the DTS indicator flashes until the next playback starts.
• If you play a disc encoded with DTS signals and the input mode is set to "ANALOG",
this unit reproduces the noise of an unprocessed DTS signal. When you want to play a
DTS source, be sure to connect the source to a digital input jack and set the input mode
to "AUTO" or "DTS."
• If you switch the input mode to "ANALOG" while playing a disc encoded with DTS
signals, this unit reproduces no sound.
• For LD software that does not contain a digital soundtrack, connect the LD player to
the analog jacks and set the input mode to "AUTO" or "ANALOG."
• The input mode resets to "AUTO" after you turn off the power. When the current input
source is D-TV, CBL/SAT, and VCR 1, the input mode resets to the one set using the
15. INPUT MODE item in the SET MENU after you turn off the power (see page 48).
• If the LD player is transmitting signals in a non-standard method, the DSP-AX1 cannot
detect the DTS or Dolby Digital signal. In this case, the decoder automatically switches
to PCM or analog.
• Some audio/video equipment, such as LD players, output different audio signals
through their analog and digital jacks. Change the input mode as necessary.



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