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Yamaha DSP-AX1 Owner's Manual: Features; Introduction; Dolby Digital And Dolby Digital Surround Ex; Dts And Dts Es

Natural sound av amplifier.
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Welcome to the exciting world of digital home entertainment. The DSP-AX1 is the most complete and advanced AV amplifier
available. Though some of the more advanced features of this unit may not be familiar to you, they are easy to use. Incorporated state-
of-the-art technology such as Dolby Digital and DTS can bring the same audio experience to your home as they have brought to feature
films in quality theaters around the world. To make the listening experience even more enjoyable, the DSP-AX1 includes a number of
exclusive, digitally created listening environments known as digital sound fields. Choosing a sound field program is like transporting
yourself to such venues as an outdoor arena, an European church, or a cozy jazz club. Take some time now to read more about these
features and enjoy the new experiences the DSP-AX1 brings to your home theater.

Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Surround EX

The DSP-AX1 is equipped with a Dolby Digital decoder which reproduces industry standard Dolby Digital surround sound for a
cinematic audio experience in your home. Dolby Digital is a 5.1 channel format because it uses five discrete channels (left and right
Main channels, Center channel, and left and right Rear channels) and a special low frequency channel (that is used only enough to merit
the "0.1" channel rating) to create incredibly realistic 360˚ surround effects. Recently, Dolby Digital Surround EX was introduced in
movie theaters as an advanced surround technology. The addition of a Rear Center channel makes front-to-back transitions more
realistic. You can enjoy the newest Dolby Digital Surround EX software with the CINEMA DSP programs in the DSP-AX1 such as
Dolby Digital/Matrix 6.1.


The DSP-AX1 is also equipped with a DTS decoder, which uses a 5.1 channel system to create a full surround sound environment. It
was developed as a way to replace the analog soundtracks of movies with six channels of digital sound. In comparison with Dolby
Digital, DTS uses less compression to store the sound information. The newly presented DTS ES system reproduces digital sound
similar to Dolby Digital Surround EX. The use of the Rear Center speaker along with the existing 5.1 channel speakers provides a fully
immersive cinematic audio experience.

Comparing Surround Technologies

To enjoy dynamic feature film sound at home, you should have the appropriate sound reproduction system for your home theater. The
traditional standard for home surround systems was called Dolby Surround and consisted of four channels (left and right Main channels,
a Center channel, and a Surround channel for effects). The new home theater standard is Dolby Digital and consists of 5.1 channels (left
and right Main channels, a Center channel, left and right Rear channels, and an LFE (low frequency effect) channel). The newer DTS
surround technology also makes use of a 5.1 channel system. The 6.1 channel system which adds a Rear Center channel to the 5.1
channel configuration is the latest advancement in surround sound technology, and is employed by Dolby Digital Surround EX and DTS
Reproduction Channel System


Dolby Surround
(Pro Logic)
4 channels
Left (L) and right (R) Main,
Center (C), and Surround (S)
Dolby Digital
and DTS
5.1 channels
Left (L) and right (R) Main,
Center (C), left and right Rear
(RL and RR), and Subwoofer
(SW) channels
Dolby Digital Surround EX
and DTS ES
6.1 channels
Left (L) and right (R) Main,
Center (C), left and right Rear
(RL and RR), Rear Center (RC),
and Subwoofer (SW) channels



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