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Yamaha DSP-AX1 Owner's Manual: Program Group 7 : Concert Video 1; Program Group 8 : Concert Video 2; Program Group 9 : Tv Theater; Program Group 10 : Movie Theater 1

Natural sound av amplifier.
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Program Group 7 : Concert Video 1

This program produces an enthusiastic atmosphere and lets you
feel as if you are at an actual jazz or rock concert.

Program Group 8 : Concert Video 2

This program provides excellent vocal depth and overall clarity
by restraining excessive reverberation.
The surround sound field is relatively moderate but it reproduces
beautiful sound using data collected from a concert hall.

Program Group 9 : TV Theater

Mono Movie
This program is provided for reproducing monaural video
sources (such as old movies). The program produces the
optimum reverberation to create sound depth using only the
presence sound field.

Program Group 10 : Movie Theater 1

This program creates the extremely wide sound field of a 70 mm
movie theater. It precisely reproduces the source sound in detail,
making both the video and the sound fields incredibly real. This
program is ideal for any kind of Dolby Surround video source
(especially large-scale movie productions).

Program Group 11 : Movie Theater 2

This program is ideal for precisely reproducing the sound design
of the newest 70 mm and multichannel soundtrack films. The
sound field is made to be similar to that of the newest movie
theaters, so the reverberations of the sound field itself are
restrained as much as possible.

Program Group 12 : Dolby/DTS Surround

Normal/Matrix 6.1/ES
The built-in decoder precisely reproduces sounds and sound
effects from sources. The highly efficient decoding process
improves crosstalk and channel separation and makes sound
positioning smoother and more precise.
In this program, no DSP effect is applied.
CINEMA-DSP Sound Field Program
The sound field makes the voice of a disc jockey sound clearer.
This program reproduces vocals clearly, letting you feel the
spaciousness of a pavilion. Reverberation, which is somewhat
delayed, reproduces the live acoustics unique to a pavilion, and
helps to make concert scenes more exciting.
Though the presence sound field is relatively narrow, the
surround sound field employs the sound environment of a large
concert hall. With this program, you can enjoy watching various
TV programs such as news, variety shows, music programs or
sports programs.
This program clearly reproduces the broad and expansive
cinematic space from the soundtracks of the latest science fiction
This program is for reproducing sounds from 70 mm and
multichannel soundtrack films, and is characterized by a soft and
extensive sound field. The presence sound field is relatively
narrow. It spatially spreads all around and toward the screen,
restraining the effect of conversations without losing clarity.
This program ideally simulates the multiple surround speaker
systems of 35 mm film theaters. The Dolby Surround decoding
and the digital sound field processing create precise effects
without altering the original sound orientation. The surround
effects produced by this sound field wrap around the viewer
naturally from the back to the left and right and toward the



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