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Yamaha DSP-AX1 Owner's Manual: Movie Theater Programs

Natural sound av amplifier.
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Movie Theater Programs

Most movie software has four-channel (left, center, right and surround) sound information encoded using Dolby Surround matrix processing
and stored on the left and right tracks. These signals are processed by the Dolby Pro Logic decoder. The Movie Theater Programs are
designed to recreate the spaciousness and delicate nuances of sound that tend to be lost in the encoding and decoding processes.
The six-channel soundtracks found on 70 mm film produce precise sound field localization and rich, deep sound without using matrix
processing. The DSP-AX1's Movie Theater 70 mm Programs provide the same quality of sound and sound localization that six-channel
soundtracks do. The built-in Dolby Digital decoder brings the professional quality sound designed for movie theaters, into your home. With
the DSP-AX1's Movie Theater program, you can recreate a dynamic sound that gives you the feeling of being at a public theater in your
living room using the Dolby Digital technology.
Dolby Pro Logic + DSP Sound Field Effect
These programs express an immense sound field and a large surround effect. They also give depth to the sound from the Main Speakers
to recreate the realistic sound of a Dolby Stereo theater.
Dolby Digital/DTS + DSP Sound Field Effect
These programs use Yamaha's tri-field DSP process on each of the Dolby Digital signals for the front, left surround, and right surround
channels. This processing enables the DSP-AX1 to reproduce the immense sound field and surround expression of a Dolby Digital
equipped movie theater without sacrificing the clear separation of all channels.
Dolby Digital/Matrix 6.1+ DSP Sound Field Effect or DTS ES+ DSP Sound Field Effect
These programs provide the full experience of spacious surround effects with the addition of an extra Rear Center DSP sound field
created using the Rear Center channel.
Left Surround DSP
Right Surround DSP
Sound Field
Sound Field
Presence DSP
Sound Field
Surround DSP
Sound Field
Presence DSP
Sound Field



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