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Yamaha DSP-AX1 Owner's Manual: Hi-fi Dsp-sound Field Program; Program Group 1 : Concert Hall 1; Program Group 2 : Concert Hall 2; Program Group 3 : Church

Natural sound av amplifier.
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Program Group 1 : Concert Hall 1

Europe Hall A
This is a large fan-shaped concert hall in
Munich which has approximately 2500
seats. Almost the whole interior is made
of wood. There is relatively little
reflection from the walls, and sound
spreads finely and beautifully.

Program Group 2 : Concert Hall 2

U.S.A. Hall D
This is a large 2600 seat concert hall in
the United States which features a fairly
traditional European design. The interior
is relatively simple, in the American
style. The middle and high frequencies
are richly and beautifully reinforced.

Program Group 3 : Church

The acoustic environment of an ordinary
church with moderate reverberations.
The reverberation lasts 2.5 seconds. This
is ideal for reproducing church organ
and choral music.

Program Group 4 : Jazz Club

Village Gate
This is the sound field at a jazz club in
New York. It is in a basement and has a
relatively spacious floor area. The
listener's virtual seat is at the center left
of the hall.

Program Group 5 : Rock Concert

Roxy Theatre
The ideal program for lively, dynamic
rock music. The data for this program
was recorded at LA's "hottest" rock
club. The listener's virtual seat is at the
center-left of the hall.

Program Group 6 : Entertainment

This program recreates the acoustic
environment of a lively disco in the
heart of a big city. The sound is dense
and highly concentrated. It is also
characterized by a high-energy,
"immediate" sound.

Hi-Fi DSP-Sound Field Program

Europe Hall B
This is a large shoe-box type concert
hall with less than 2400 seats located in
Frankfurt. This hall has a very solid,
powerful sound. The listener's virtual
seat is in the center-right section on the
first floor.
Europe Hall E
This is a large 2200 seat shoe-box type
concert hall in Amsterdam. It has a
circular stage with seats located behind
the stage.
This program recreates the acoustic
environment of a big church located in
south Germany. The reverberation delay
is very long while the early reflections
are smaller than with other sound field
Village Vanguard
A traditional jazz club in New York,
located on 7th Avenue. This room has a
low ceiling, and the "stage" is located in
a corner. This program creates an
intimate "close-to-the music" feel.
Warehouse Loft
This program simulates a space enclosed
by concrete. An energetic sound field is
created with relatively clear reflections
from the walls.
This is a sound field suitable for
background music at parties where you
can hear the sound directly from the rear
as well, thus realizing music enjoyment
over a wide area.
Europe Hall C
A classic shoe-box type concert hall
with approximately 1700 seats. Pillars
and ornate carvings create extremely
complex reflections which produce a
very full, rich sound.
Live Concert
A large round concert hall with a rich
surround effect. Pronounced reflections
from all directions emphasize the
extension of sounds. The sound field has
a great deal of presence, and your virtual
seat is near the center, close to the stage.
This program features the sound field
created by the refectory (dining hall) of
a beautiful medieval Gothic monastery
located in Royaumont on the outskirts of
The Bottom Line
This is the sound field at stage front in
"The Bottom Line", a famous New York
jazz club. The floor can seat 300 people
to the left and right in a sound field
offering a real and vibrant sound.
A classic shoe-box type concert hall.
This program gives you long delays
between direct sounds and effect
sounds, with the extraordinarily
spacious feel of a large arena.
This program adds a deep and spatial
feeling to video game sounds and is also
suitable for karaoke.



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