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Using Hex Dump Mode; Hex Dump=Print; Transporting Or Storing The Printer; Preparing The Printer For Shipment - Epson Stylus Pro 10000 Product Information

Epson stylus pro 10000: product information
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10. If you chose a bar that generally, but not consistently, had
the smallest gaps, print the row again. Then repeat steps 6
through 8 for that row. Repeat this step until you can
choose a bar that is consistently the best aligned in every
pattern in the row.
11. The print head is aligned when your printout shows that bar
#8 (the current alignment setting) shows the smallest gaps
for both rows. Press the
alignment mode and return to normal printer operation.

Using Hex Dump Mode

You can use the printer's hex dump mode to identify problems
if you know how to interpret hex code, or you can fax the hex
printout to a technical support representative.
Make sure the printer has paper loaded and is turned off.
Then follow these steps:
1. Press and hold the
button to turn on the printer.
on the display.
2. Press the
3. Send your problem file to the printer.
The data in the print buffer is printed with 16-byte hex data
in the left column and corresponding ASCII characters in
the right column. If the last data is less than 16 bytes, you
need to press the
4. When you're done, press the
printer off and exit maintenance mode.

Transporting or Storing the Printer

Follow these guidelines for transporting or storing the printer:
Contact EPSON if you need to store your printer for an
extended period (two years for the Photographic Dye Ink
model, or six months for the Archival Ink model). A service
technician must drain all ink from the printer before it is
To ship the printer, you should repack the printer using the
original box and packing materials, and you may need to
drain the ink from the printer. Then follow the instructions
in "Preparing the Printer for Shipment" on the right.
If you are moving the printer a short distance (for example,
in the same building), you can move the printer on its
stand. Follow the instructions in "Moving the Printer on
the Stand" on page 14.
button to exit head
button while you press the


button to print it.
button to turn the

Preparing the Printer for Shipment

Follow the instructions below to prepare the printer for
1. First turn off the printer and make sure the print head is in
the home (far right) position. If not, turn the printer back
on, wait until the print head moves to the home position,
then turn off the printer.
2. Remove the following parts:
Ink cartridges
Power cord
Interface cable
Paper hammock
All paper or other media
Roll paper spindles
Optional Automatic Take-Up Reel (if installed)
Optional manual cutter (if installed)
After you remove the ink cartridges, store them in separate,
resealable bags.
Be sure that the printer is off before you remove the ink
cartridges. Otherwise the ink valves may not close properly.
If for any reason the printer will not be level during shipping, a
service technician must drain all ink from the printer before it is
3. Make sure the ink cartridge clamps and cover are closed.
4. Make sure the casters on the leg assembly are locked, and
the two stabilizer knobs are touching the floor.
5. Remove the two wing nuts underneath the printer. Keep
them in a safe place.
EPSON Stylus Pro 10000
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Table of Contents

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