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Running A Cleaning Cycle; Aligning The Print Head From The Control Panel; Head Alignment - Epson Stylus Pro 10000 Product Information

Epson stylus pro 10000: product information
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EPSON Stylus Pro 10000

Running a Cleaning Cycle

Perform the steps in this section only if you have disabled the
automatic nozzle check in maintenance mode. If you haven't, the
printer automatically runs a nozzle check and cleaning cycle each time
it is powered on.
If your printed image is unexpectedly light or dots are missing,
you may need to run a cleaning cycle. This unclogs the print
head nozzles so they can deliver ink properly.
The cleaning process uses ink, so run it only if print quality
declines. Always run a nozzle check first to confirm that the
print head needs cleaning; the nozzle check uses only a small
amount of ink.
If you have installed the EPSON printer driver and utilities,
you can run the Head Cleaning utility. See the EPSON Stylus
Pro 10000 Printer Guide for instructions.
Follow these steps to run the cleaning cycle from the control
1. Make sure none of the
so, you need to replace the indicated ink cartridge before
you can run a cleaning cycle.)
2. Press the
button and hold it for three seconds.
light flashes as the printer cleans its print head.
The cleaning cycle takes about one minute, and does not
use any paper.
To avoid damaging the printer, don't turn it off until the cleaning
cycle is finished and the
3. When the
light goes off, run another nozzle check to
confirm that the print head is clean.
You may need to run the cleaning cycle several times to get a
clean nozzle check pattern. If the lines on the pattern still
appear broken after several cleaning cycles, turn the printer off
and leave it overnight, then clean the print head again the
following morning. If you still see no improvement, contact
EPSON for assistance.
Aligning the Print Head
If banding appears on your printouts, or vertical lines are not
straight, you need to align the print head. You can use the
Print Head Alignment utility if you have the EPSON printer
driver installed (see the EPSON Stylus Pro 10000 Printer
Guide for instructions). If not, you can align the print head
using the control panel. Both procedures align the head for all
modes and resolutions.
12 - EPSON Stylus Pro 10000
lights is on or flashing. (If
Ink Out
light has stopped flashing.
Aligning the Print Head from the Control
You must use roll paper to print the alignment patterns. Two
rows consisting of sets of 15 bars are printed across the width
of the paper. It takes about 10 minutes to print both rows.
Follow these steps to align the print head using the control
1. Load roll paper that is at least 24 inches wide.
2. Press the
is displayed.
3. Press the
If you're using EPSON paper, leave this setting on
If you're using other media, enter the thickness value of the
paper in 0.1 mm increments by pressing the or
4. Press the
button to save the setting.
5. Press the
button to print both rows of alignment
If you want to print a single row of alignment patterns,
press the or button until the row number appears. Then
press the
6. Examine the first row. You see a series of patterns similar to
the pattern below across the width of the paper. Determine
which bar in the first pattern has the smallest gaps. In the
example below, #8 has the smallest gaps.
7. Look at the other patterns in the first row to see if the same
number consistently has the smallest gaps. If not, choose the
number that generally has the smallest gaps.
8. Check the control panel display. Use the
select the best aligned bar for row #1. Then press the
button to register the setting.
9. Repeat steps 6 through 8 for the second row of patterns.
button until


appears on the
appears on the display.
button to


Table of Contents

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