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Running A Nozzle Check - Epson Stylus Pro 10000 Product Information

Epson stylus pro 10000: product information
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3. Locate the slot containing the low or empty ink cartridge
(corresponding to the
Ink Out
of the clamp and pull it forward.
4. Carefully pull the cartridge straight out of the printer.
5. Make sure the replacement cartridge is the correct color,
and remove it from its package.
If you're using Archival ink, shake the cartridge gently
before installing it.
6. Hold the ink cartridge with the arrow mark on the left side
and pointing to the rear of the printer. Then insert the ink
cartridge into the slot. Don't force the cartridge.
7. Push the cartridge clamp back up. Make sure the
Ink Out
8. Close the ink compartment cover.
light). Press down on the top
light goes off.

Running a Nozzle Check

Perform the steps in this section only if you have disabled the
automatic nozzle check in maintenance mode. If you haven't, the
printer automatically runs a nozzle check and cleans the print head
each time it is powered on. Unless you see the message
in the printer's display, the print head nozzles do not
need to be cleaned.
The nozzle check prints a pattern of dots that lets you see if
any print head nozzles are clogged. If any dots are missing,
you can run a cleaning cycle to clear the nozzles.
Follow these steps to print the nozzle check:
1. Load a sheet of paper in the printer. (You can print the
nozzle check on roll paper, but you will use more paper.)
2. Press the
until you see
3. Press the
button. You see
on the display.
4. Press the
button. The nozzle check prints.
If all the lines on the pattern are complete, with no gaps in
the pattern, the print head doesn't need cleaning.
If dots are missing from the pattern, as shown below, you
need to run a cleaning cycle. See the following section for
EPSON Stylus Pro 10000
button on the control panel repeatedly
on the display.
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Table of Contents

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