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Epson Stylus Pro 10000 Quick Reference Manual

Epson stylus pro 10000: quick reference
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Pro 10000
Quick Reference Guide



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  Summary of Contents for Epson Stylus Pro 10000

  • Page 1: Epson Stylus Pro

    EPSON Stylus Pro 10000 ® Quick Reference Guide...
  • Page 2: Loading Roll Paper

    Loading Roll Paper Loading Roll Paper First you attach the paper roll to the spindle and place the spindle in the printer. Then you load the paper for printing. Setting Up the Paper and Spindle Open the roll paper cover and lift out the spindle.
  • Page 3: Loading Roll Paper For Printing

    Loading Roll Paper for Printing Once the roll paper is attached to the spindle and inserted in the printer, you’re ready to load it for printing. Make sure the printer is turned on. Then press the button repeatedly until one of the...
  • Page 4: Printing On Posterboard

    Sheet Make sure the paper set lever is all the way in, in the secured position. To avoid damaging the printer, never move the paper set lever while the Operate or Pause light is flashing. Feed the sheet into the paper slot until it extends through the slot.
  • Page 5: Checking And Cleaning The Print Head

    If dots are missing from the pattern, you need to run a cleaning cycle. After cleaning, run another nozzle check. Load a sheet of paper (or roll paper) in the printer. Press the button repeatedly until SelecType ®...
  • Page 6: Aligning The Print Head

    This process aligns the head for all modes and resolutions. You can use EPSON roll paper to print the alignment patterns. Two rows consisting of sets of 15 bars are printed across the width of the paper. It takes about 10 minutes to print both rows.
  • Page 7: Printer Status

    Light Cyan When one of the is displayed, the cartridge is empty. To replace the cartridge, first make sure the printer is on. Push the indentation on the ink compartment cover to release the lock and open the cover. PRINTER STATUS <number>...
  • Page 8 Hold the cartridge with the arrow mark on the left side and pointing to the rear of the printer. Then insert the cartridge into the slot. Don’t force it. If you can’t insert the cartridge smoothly, you may have the wrong cartridge.
  • Page 9: Status Messages

    Press the Pause button to continue. Printer is warming up, performing maintenance, or charging ink. Printer is paused. To resume printing, press the Pause button. Printer is paused to let ink dry. Wait for the number of minutes shown. Explanation Response Ink cartridge(s) nearly Replace ink cartridge(s) indicated empty (printing continues).
  • Page 10: Where To Get Help

    World Wide Web EPSON E-MAIL technical support Support for non-EPSON RIP EPSON and EPSON Stylus are registered trademarks of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION. EPSON Preferred is a service mark of Epson America, Inc. Copyright © 2001 by Epson America, Inc. Explanation Paper has jammed in the printer.
  • Page 11 EPSON Stylus Pro 10000 ® Printed in USA CPD-12209...