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Craftsman C459.60133 Operator's Manual page 11

7 speed, shift-on-the-go 42” deck
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Place the steering wheel cap over the center of the steering
wheel and push downward until it "clicks" into place.
Attaching The Seat
If the seat for your tractor was not attached at the factory, refer to the
following steps.
NOTE: For shipping reasons, seats are either fastened to the tractor
seat's pivot bracket with a plastic tie, or mounted backward to the pivot
bracket. In either case, free the seat from its shipping position and
remove the adjustment knob from the bottom of seat before proceed-
ing with the instructions below.
Position the seat facing forward over the seat pivot bracket, with
the two forward seat mount tabs fitting into the provided grooves
in the seat pivot bracket.
Slide the seat rearward and align the center mounting hole in the
seat with the slot in the seat pan. Insert the knob screw previously
removed. Do not tighten at this point.
Adjust the seat to the optimal operator preferred location, this
may mean actually sitting in the seat to decide what feels best to
the operator. Keep in mind the operator needs to be able to fully
operate all pedals comfortably while sitting back in the seat.
Tighten the knob screw at this time.
To adjust the position of the seat, remove the knob screw on the
bottom of the seat. Slide the seat forward or backward as desired.
Retighten the knob screw. See Fig. 4.
Figure 3
Tire Pressure
Maximum tire pressure under any circumstances is 30 psi. Equal
tire pressure should be maintained at all times. Never exceed the
maximum inflation pressure shown on the sidewall of the tire.
The recommended operating tire pressure is:
Approximately 10 psi for the rear tires
Approximately 14 psi for the front tires
IMPORTANT: Refer to the tire sidewall for exact tire manufacturer's
recommended or maximum psi. Do not overinflate. Uneven tire pres-
sure could cause the cutting deck to mow unevenly.
Figure 4

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