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Craftsman C459.60133 Operator's Manual page 21

7 speed, shift-on-the-go 42” deck
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Spark plug
Clean area around the spark plug base. Do not sandblast spark plug.
Spark plug should be cleaned by scraping or wire brushing and
washing with a commercial solvent
Remove and inspect the spark plug. Check gap to make sure it is set
at .030". See Figure 13.
.030 (.76 mm) gap
Replace the spark plug (Champion® RC12YC) once a season .
Temperature of muffler and nearby engine areas may exceed 150˚ F
(65˚C). Avoid contact with these areas.
Inspect muffler periodically, and replace if necessary. Replace-
ment parts for the muffler must be the same and installed in the
same position as the original parts.
Clean engine
Daily or before every use, clean grass, chaff or accumulated
debris from engine. Keep linkage, spring, and controls clean.
Keep area around and behind muffler free of any combustible
Keeping engine clean allows air movement around engine.
Engine parts should be kept clean to reduce the risk of overheat-
ing and ignition of accumulated debris.
Do not use water to clean engine parts. Water could contaminate fuel
system. Use a brush or dry cloth.
Carburetor Adjustment
The carburetor on this engine is not adjustable.
Figure 13
Before lubricating, repairing, or inspecting, always disengage PTO
(Blade Engage Lever), move shift lever into neutral position, set
parking brake, stop engine and remove key to prevent unintended
pivot points & linkage
Lubricate all the pivot points on the drive system, parking brake and lift
linkage at least once a season with light oil.
rear Wheels
The rear wheels should be removed from the axles once a season.
Lubricate the axles and the rims well with an all-purpose grease before
re-installing them.
front Axles
Each end of the tractor's front pivot bar may be equipped with a grease
fitting. Lubricate with a grease gun after every 25 hours of tractor
The battery is sealed and is maintenance-free. Acid levels cannot be
Always keep the battery cables and terminals clean and free of
corrosive build-up.
After cleaning the battery and terminals, apply a light coat of
petroleum jelly or grease to both terminals.
Always keep the rubber boot positioned over the positive terminal
to prevent shorting.
IMPORTANT: If removing the battery for any reason, disconnect the
NEGATIVE (Black) wire from its terminal first, followed by the POSI-
TIVE (Red) wire. When re-installing the battery, always connect the
POSITIVE (Red) wire to its terminal first, followed by the NEGATIVE
(Black) wire. Be certain that the wires are connected to the correct
terminals; reversing them could change the polarity and result in
damage to your engine's alternating system.
Cleaning Battery
Clean the battery by removing it from the tractor and washing with
a baking soda and water solution. If necessary, scrape the battery
terminals with a wire brush to remove deposits. Coat terminals and
exposed wiring with grease or petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.
Battery failures
Some common causes for battery failure are:
Incorrect initial activation
Corroded connections
These failures are NOT covered by your tractor's warranty.

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