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Craftsman C459.60133 Operator's Manual page 17

7 speed, shift-on-the-go 42” deck
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A mulch kit is available as an attachment. Mulching is a process of
recirculating grass clippings repeatedly beneath the cutting deck.
The ultra-fine clippings are then forced back into the lawn where
they act as a natural fertilizer.
A mulch kit can be purchased. See the Replacement Parts & Attach-
ments section of this manual for more information.
To raise the cutting deck, move the deck lift lever to the left, then place
it in the notch best suited for your application. Refer to Setting The
Cutting Height earlier in this Operation section.
To help avoid blade contact or a thrown object injury, keep bystand-
ers, helpers, children and pets at least 75 feet from the machine
while it is in operation. Stop machine if anyone enters the area.
The following information will be helpful when using the cutting deck
with your tractor:
Plan your mowing pattern to avoid discharge of materials toward
roads, sidewalks, bystanders and the like. Also, avoid discharging
material against a wall or obstruction which may cause discharged
material to ricochet back toward the operator.
Do not mow at high ground speed, especially if a mulch kit or
grass collector is installed.
For best results it is recommended that the first two laps be cut
with the discharge thrown towards the center. After the first two
laps, reverse the direction to throw the discharge to the outside
for the balance of cutting. This will give a better appearance to the
Do not cut the grass too short. Short grass invites weed growth
and yellows quickly in dry weather.
Mowing should always be done with the engine at full throttle.
Under heavier conditions it may be necessary to go back over the
cut area a second time to get a clean cut.
Do NOT attempt to mow heavy brush and weeds and extremely
tall grass. Your tractor is designed to mow lawns, NOT clear
Keep the blades sharp and replace the blades when worn. Refer
to Cutting Blades in the Service section of this manual for proper
blade sharpening instructions.
The lamps are ON whenever the tractor's engine is running.
The lamps turn OFF when the ignition key is moved to the STOP

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