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Learning Commands - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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4 In the Device Overview, tap the Device for which you want to define
the brand.
A message screen appears.
5 Tap
The 'Brands' screen appears.
Searching the brand
1 Tap
The 'Searching the Brand' screen appears.
2 Tap
The 'Searching' screen appears. ProntoPro NG searches through the list of
brands, by sending out an IR code for each brand.
3 When the device for which you are defining the brand, turns off,
The 'Installing the Brand' screen appears.
4 To install the brand and code set, follow the instructions described in
'Installing the brand' on page 21.

Learning Commands

If an IR code is not in the database, you can program ProntoPro NG commands by
transmitting IR signals from your existing remote control to ProntoPro NG's
learning eye.
The Learn Tool allows you to learn a button
or a device action. A device action is an
action that is executed automatically when
you select a device. E.g. when you select TV,
your ProntoPro NG can learn to switch on the
TV at the same time. You can also use the
Learn Tool to relearn commands that do not
work properly.
User Guide
Customising ProntoPro NG
in the 'Brands' screen.
and point ProntoPro NG at the device.
in the 'Searching' screen.
Changing the Brand in the Brand Tool
will not have an impact on the learned
5 - 20 cm
2 - 8 inches



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