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What's New For Prontopro Next Generation - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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What's New for ProntoPro Next Generation?

This new ProntoPro NG (SBC RU980) offers several new features compared to the
previous model of ProntoPro. The most important ones are:
ProntoPro NG supports transparency in buttons and other objects. This makes
it easier to create complex user interfaces. You can now place buttons with a
transparent background on top of a background image, let transparent buttons
overlap or create transparency effects within buttons.
65536 colours
The number of colours has increased from 256 to 65536 (64k). Therefore the
buttons look much more natural.
ProntoPro NG has a USB port to make downloading much easier.
32 MB of Memory
ProntoPro NG has 32 Megabyte of memory. This enables you to download
larger configuration files to ProntoPro NG.
Integrated Macros
Macros are now better integrated in the configuration file. Each button can be
a macro, this means each button can contain more than one action.
More advanced Timers
Your ProntoPro NG is able to set timers for certain actions to be carried out at
any time you choose. Timers are not an entirely new feature of ProntoPro NG,
but they are easier to use and better integrated with the configuration file. You
can activate and deactivate the timers you created and you can also set them
to repeat daily or weekly. For instance, you can have the lights switched on
every day at sunset. You can also create a timer to set your VCR to record your
favourite TV-show on Wednesday and Saturday.
Page Overview
The Page Overview offers you a list of all the pages for one device. Every
device comes with a Page Overview, making it easier and faster to browse
through the device pages.
Cursor Navigation
By default the cursor is programmed to operate devices. The functions
assigned to the cursor button depend on the device active on ProntoPro NG.
ProntoPro NG also offers you the possibility to use the cursor for navigating
through devices and pages on the screen. The Left and Right cursor buttons
allow you to scroll through the devices, with the Up and Down cursor buttons
you scroll through the different pages.
Animation Mode
ProntoPro NG provides navigation feedback through graphical animations of
mode transitions and page transitions. You can enable and disable the
animations of your ProntoPro NG in the Settings Pages.
Multi Language Support
ProntoPro NG now supports besides English also Spanish, French, German and
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