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Customising Prontopro Ng; Using The Tools - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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What makes ProntoPro NG so powerful is the ability to extend its functionality in
multiple ways, like programming additional functions, adding supplementary
devices and changing the interface as it suits you best.
For full editing you can use ProntoProEdit NG software. See 'ProntoProEdit NG' on
page 53 for more information.

Using the Tools

ProntoPro NG provides different tools. For customising ProntoPro NG you have to
switch to the appropriate tool. ProntoPro NG offers 10 different tools in the Tools
Menu, each providing different functionalities:
Defining the settings of your
ProntoPro NG (p. 32)
Defining the brands of your
audio/video equipment (p. 20)
Labelling buttons, devices and
pages (p. 25)
Deleting buttons or devices
(p. 30)
Programming a sequence of
commands for one single button
(p. 38)
To enter the Tools Menu, you have to tap and hold the ProntoPro NG icon
the upper left corner of the touch screen for 3 seconds.
You can exit all Tools by tapping the ProntoPro NG icon
Keep in mind that your latest changes to the current page will not be saved
User Guide

Customising ProntoPro NG

Settings Tool:
Brand Tool:
Label Tool:
Delete Tool:
Macro Tool:
Timer Tool:
Defining timer actions to be carried
out at predefined times (p. 41)
Learn Tool:
Learning IR codes from other remote
controls (p. 23)
Add Tool:
Adding new devices or copying
existing devices (p. 28)
Move Tool:
Moving devices in the Device
Overview (p. 31)
RF IR Tool:
Defining to operate ProntoPro NG
with IR signals or RF signals
(p. 50)



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