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Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual page 66

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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Device settings
Device template
Firm key
Hard button
IR code
LCD backlight
Mode animation
User Guide
The device settings are the type of device, the brand, the IR code set
and the functions. In order to control a device with your ProntoPro NG,
you first have to set the device settings.
You can create a template from a device in ProntoProEdit NG Advanced
Mode. When you add a new device on ProntoPro NG, this template will
be used.
ProntoPro NG has 4 firm keys located below the touch screen. The label
of a firm key is displayed at the bottom of the touch screen. You can
configure the functions of the firm keys, just like most hard buttons and
the buttons on the touch screen. The strength of the firm keys is that
you can also configure their label, so they can always indicate the
function assigned to them.
A hard button is a button that can be pressed and generates an event.
Hard buttons can be found on ProntoPro NG. Their layout and visual
aspects cannot be changed. You can configure the functions of the hard
buttons, just like the firm keys and the buttons on the touch screen.
Short for infrared.
ProntoPro NG sends out infrared (IR) signals to operate devices. IR codes
for all kinds of video and audio device brands are stored in ProntoPro
NG's universal database. By selecting IR codes and assigning them to
buttons and hard buttons, you can program your ProntoPro NG to
operate your equipment. When IR codes are not present in the database,
you can always learn them from the conventional remote control of your
A label is the text you want to put on a soft button or a firm key.
Short for liquid crystal display.
LCD backlight is a special light source that is placed behind the LCD
screen, enhancing the visibility of this screen.
A link, also called a button alias, is a shortcut from the action list of one
button to the action list of another button. Instead of adding the same
actions to several buttons or hard buttons, you can create a link and
reuse the action list. When your ProntoPro NG is executing an action list
and comes across a link, the action list referred to by that link is
A macro is a sequence of actions executed when pressing a single
button on ProntoPro NG. Every button or hard button can act as a macro
and perform a list of commands. It is the same as an action list.
When you switch from using the ProntoPro NG to the Tools Menu, the
ProntoPro NG icon shifts at the top area of the touch screen. This is
called a 'mode animation'.
A page of a device is the area of 320 by 240 pixels on ProntoPro NG's
touch screen containing buttons or other objects.



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