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Memory Storage Problems; Prontopro Ng Error Messages; Connection To The Pc - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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Timers do not work
Check if the timer has been activated. (p. 41)
Make sure a Start Action for the timer has been defined properly. (p. 46)
Check whether the date and time of your ProntoPro NG are set properly. (p. 14)

Memory Storage Problems

Memory storage problems can be the cause of ProntoPro NG not saving a macro.
Storage problems can be caused by a full memory or by a low battery pack.
Consult the third Settings Page to see how much memory is available. (p. 32)
Consult the first Settings Page or the battery icon at the top of your screen to
check the battery status. Recharge if necessary. (p. 11)

ProntoPro NG error messages

If one of the following error messages occurs, please contact your dealer or the
Philips customer service:
Invalid CF version or corrupt flash;
Incorrect software version.
When your ProntoPro NG does not respond and the screen stays blank:
1 Download the configuration file again.
2 When downloading the configuration file again does not work,
download the firmware from

Connection to the PC

Make sure the ProntoPro NG battery pack is sufficiently charged while using
ProntoProEdit NG to download or upload.
Do not pull out the USB cable while uploading or downloading a configuration
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