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Learning Commands - Philips SBCRU930/00 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru930
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Using ProntoNEO

Learning Commands

If an IR code or a brand is not in the database, you can program ProntoNEO
commands by transmitting IR signals from your existing remote controls to
ProntoNEO's learning eye. To do this, place ProntoNEO and the device's remote
control on a flat surface, 1 to 4 inches (2 to 10 cm) apart.
To learn commands from other remote controls, ProntoNEO has to be in Learn
mode. Switching to Learn mode is only possible from a specific device, not from
the Device Overview. See 'Working with Modes' on p. 10.
Per device you can learn all soft and hard buttons on the ProntoNEO, except for:
• the Backlight button;
• the Page Up and Page Down buttons;
• the Mode button;
• the Device button.
The Learn Sequence
1 Set the ProntoNEO in Use Mode. See 'Working with Modes' on p. 10.
2 Select the device, e.g. TV, with the buttons you want to learn.
The device screen appears.
3 Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds.
The Mode screen appears.
User Manual
1 to 4 inches (2 to 10 cm)


Table of Contents

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