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Faq - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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Why don't my buttons work properly?
When you find that your ProntoPro NG does not send out the commands in
accordance with what is indicated on the touch screen, it is advised to recalibrate
the touch screen. Calibration is necessary when you notice that tapping a button
activates one of the adjacent buttons or when you have to tap next to a button to
activate it. Calibration enables ProntoPro NG to place the icons on the touch
screen in line with their predefined functions.
Attention Never use an actual pen, pencil or other sharp object on the touch screen. Use a
How do I calibrate the touch screen?
1 Tap and hold the ProntoPro NG icon
touch screen for 3 seconds. The Tools Menu appears.
2 Select
The first Settings Page appears.
3 Press the Page Down button at the left side of the ProntoPro NG.
The second Settings Page appears.
4 Tap
The 'Calibration' screen appears.
5 Tap the upper left corner on the touch screen.
6 Tap the lower right corner of the touch screen.
7 Tap the upper right corner of the touch screen.
8 Tap the lower left corner on the touch screen.
The touch screen is calibrated.
9 Tap the ProntoPro NG icon
How do I reset ProntoPro NG?
Normally, resetting ProntoPro NG is not necessary. However, if ProntoPro NG's
touch screen freezes or if you notice unusual behaviour, you need to perform a
reset to get ProntoPro NG running again.
1 Press the latch on the battery cover with your thumb and then slide the
cover forward firmly.
User Guide
pointy object like a plastic-tipped pen or a stylus intended for use with touch
in the second Settings Page.
in the upper left corner of the
again to exit the Settings Tool.




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