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Glossary - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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Action list
Animation mode
Button alias
Button backlight
Code set
Cursor navigation
Device action
Device Overview
User Guide
An action is a command that will be executed by ProntoPro NG. An
action can be an IR code, a link, a delay or a beep. You can assign one
or more actions to a button or a hard button. It is the same as a macro.
An action list is a list of actions assigned to a button or a hard button.
An action list can contain up to 250 actions.
ProntoPro NG provides navigation feedback through graphical
animations. These animations can be found in the Animation mode. You
can enable and disable the animations of your ProntoPro NG in the
Settings Pages.
ProntoPro NG contains a list of brands and their according IR codes in its
database. ProntoPro NG uses IR codes to control devices. Because there
are several brands using specific IR codes, you have to define the brand
and code set for each device.
See Link.
The Button backlight is a special light source that is placed behind the
hard buttons on your ProntoPro NG, enhancing the visibility of these
Calibrating the touch screen enables ProntoPro NG to exactly match the
icons on the touch screen with their predefined functions.
A code set is a list of IR codes. Audio and video devices of different
brands use different code sets. A device can only receive and execute
functions from the correct code set.
There are two ways of navigating through ProntoPro NG: using the touch
screen or using the cursor for navigation. When you select cursor
navigation, the cursor can only be used for navigating through devices
and pages on ProntoPro NG touch screen, not for controlling audio/video
A delay is a pause between two actions. A delay gives the device
enough time to execute the first action before it receives an impulse to
execute a second action.
Every device in the configuration file appears on the Device Overview
Page of ProntoPro NG and in the tree view in ProntoProEdit NG. A device
represents the equipment you want to control with ProntoPro NG, for
instance a TV, VCR, CD player, Amplifier, Satellite receiver or any device
operated by an IR remote. The device contains a number of pages with
A device action is an action that is executed automatically when you
select a device. E.g. when you select TV, you can learn your ProntoPro
NG to switch on the TV at the same time.
You use the Device Overview on ProntoPro NG to access the different
devices. The Device Overview contains buttons for each device in the
configuration. By pressing these buttons you navigate to the first page
of the selected device.




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