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Customising Problems - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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Customising Problems

Buttons are not sending the correct commands
Make sure you have defined the correct brands for your devices. (p. 20)
Make sure you have defined the correct code set for your devices. (p. 21)
Make sure you should calibrate your screen. (p. 35)
Check whether the button of the device is learned properly. (p. 23)
Check whether the macro recorded properly. (p. 38)
Macros do not work
Make sure ProntoPro NG's sending eye is pointed towards the device the
entire time the macro is being executed.
The sending eye is located at the top of ProntoPro NG.
Insert delays to allow devices to start up properly.
Check for inactive buttons in your macro.
Check if you did not reprogram the buttons. Macros do not store commands,
they store buttons. If you reprogram a button, the macro executes the new
command assigned to the button.
ProntoPro NG will not learn commands
Make sure your ProntoPro NG and the remote control are positioned correctly.
Avoid programming ProntoPro NG under bright fluorescent light, in sunlight or
in a dark room: it might affect the infrared signals.
Make sure the battery pack in the ProntoPro NG is not empty.
Press and hold the key on the other remote control for more than one second.
The configuration file is corrupted
When the configuration file is corrupted, you can use ProntoProEdit NG to
download a new configuration file. Taken into account that all your customised
commands, devices and macros will be lost and you will have to reprogram your
ProntoPro NG. Therefore it is recommended to save the configuration by uploading
it to the PC with ProntoProEdit NG.
User Guide
When the sending eye of your existing remote control is not pointed
towards the learning eye of the ProntoPro NG, ProntoPro NG might not
receive the signals properly. Align the remote controls as correctly as
When the distance between your existing remote control and the
ProntoPro NG is too short or too long, ProntoPro NG might not receive the
signals properly. Try out several distances between 5 and 20 centimetres
(2 and 8 inches) to learn the commands.



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