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Operating Prontopro Ng; Device Overview - Philips SBCRU980/05 User Manual

Philips pronto home theater control panel sbcru980
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Operating ProntoPro NG

ProntoPro NG contains a series of customisable devices, each consisting of several
device pages. All active devices on your ProntoPro NG are listed in the Device
Overview. All the available device pages are listed per device in the Page

Device Overview

The Device Overview offers you a list of all the devices you can control with
ProntoPro NG. To view the Device Overview, press the Device Overview button
at the top of the touch screen.
You can navigate between the devices in two different ways:
Tap the device you want to operate from the Device Overview.
Tap the Device Left button
the previous device.
Tap the Device Right button
the next device.
By default you navigate through ProntoPro NG, using this touch screen navigation.
When cursor navigation is enabled, the Device Left and Device Right button
disappear and the Cursor Navigation icon
navigate through the devices and pages using the cursor. For more information on
changing the touch screen navigation to cursor navigation, see 'Operating
ProntoPro NG with the Cursor' on page 48.
User Guide
Device Overview
Getting Started
Device Left
at the top of the touch screen to navigate to
at the top of the touch screen to navigate to
appears at the top left. You then
Device Right



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