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How To Connect To Rps Using The Ip Communicator; How To Connect To Rps Using: 'Connect Via: Ip Direct - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Trouble Condition
Network cable
Obtaining an IP address
Low bus voltage
Internal failure
Table 5 Trouble conditions

How to connect to RPS using the IP Communicator.

How to connect to RPS using: 'Connect Via: IP Direct:'

The IP Direct connection to RPS provides for a local connection from B-Series or GV4 panels to Remote Programming
IP Direct uses an Ethernet cable connected directly between the computer and IP Communicator with both
configured for DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is controlled by a
DHCP server which distributes an addressing configuration when requested by the connected device.
How it works:
The computer and IP Communicator are both set to DHCP and therefore both will request an IP address from a server.
With the Ethernet cable connected directly between computer and IP Communicator; and no DHCP server is available,
the PC fails to obtain an IP address and falls back to the APIPA
(where xxx= a random number between 0-255). The IP Communicator, also configured to DHCP, will fall back to its
auto IP address of When configured in this way connecting via 'IP Direct' will work because both the
computer and IP communicator fall within the same subnet by design.
 Note: The IP Communicator does not require additional configuration when:
Currently contains default settings (unused card)
DHCP is available on the network
AES encryption is not required
UDP on Port 7700 (default B426 port setting) is available on the network.
Configure the IP Communicator and computer to connect Via: IP Direct
Set the address switch to either 1 or 2. Use different addresses on each module when multiple IP
communicators are connected (B420, B426 or B450).
Connect to the SDI2 bus with either a 4-pin molex connector or 4-conductor cable to terminals 33-36 (never
use both at the same time).
Set the PC to obtain an IP address automatically and the IP communicator to: DHCP/AutoIP Enable=Yes
(default setting)
Connect an Ethernet cable direct from the PC to the IP communicator and wait 60 sec. With DHCP enabled on
the computer, a address should now be assigned and the IP Communicator should fall back to
its default address of The conditions for IP Direct have now been satisfied.
Select Connect Via IP Direct.
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On Steady
On Steady
On Steady
Transmit (TX)
Receive (RX)
Flashes once every 1 sec
2 quick flashes
every 1 sec
3 quick flashes
every 1 sec
(Automatic Private IP Address) of
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