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Maintenance Page; Factory Default Page - Bosch B426 Setup & Troubleshooting

Conettix ethernet communication module
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Maintenance Page

Figure 12 Maintenance Page
1. Web Access Password: For changing the default password (B42V2) to access the web browser. Use
four to ten case sensitive alphanumeric characters.
2. Web Access Enable: Used to Enable/Disable access to the web browser interface. Set to Enable to
allow or Disable to prevent access to the web browser interface. The default setting in the web browser
is Enable.
3. Panel Programming Enable: Enable/Disable programming of IP Module from SDI2 compatible panels.
Set to Enable by default. When set to Disable the IP module parameters area in the RPS panel
account are greyed out.
4. Firmware Upgrade Enable: Enable/Disable the ability to upgrade the module's firmware from the
Firmware Upgrade configuration page.
5. Module Host Name: Set by default as Bxxxxxx, where xxxxxx is the last six digits of the module's MAC
address. Use this parameter to create or change a module hostname. This is the hostname that
represents the module on the network. Optionally use the hostname to contact the control panel via
RPS over network, for Remote Security Control, or for module web configuration and diagnostics.
Setting the Module Host Name as [blank] restores the default hostname previously described.
6. Unit Description: Up to twenty alphanumeric characters may be entered to create a simple description
for the unit shown in the web configuration pages.

Factory Default Page

Select Factory Default to return all parameters to the factory default settings. Select OK to continue with
defaulting the IP Communicator. Note the IP address configuration of the computer may need to be changed to
allow for reconnect.
Figure 13 Factory Default Page



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